Add support for default value in Input Types

A well-known essential measure within user-friendly forms is “providing good defaults”

Therefore, as many as possible of the built-in input types should have support for a default value. I know that in Enonic CMS 4.7 this is possible with the text input (and implicitly also the dropdown input), but that’s not enough!

There are only positive consequences that result from this feature. Users get more happy because they don’t always need to fill out required fields, developers get a cleaner way to provide fallback values, and there is less need to rely on using help texts to give instructions.

This feature request is not for any current business-critical problem, but I’m sure that those will appear quite soon!


Yes please. Well said Bjørnar. :smile:

Indeed awesome. Very helpful for the user.

We’ve discussed this - default values make more sense for some inputs than other - i.e. dropdowns or dates - any comments on what is most critical here?

Similar request, that we closed.

Most critical:

  • TextLine


  • DropDown
  • CheckBox (in order to avoid “opposite logic”)
  • RadioButton

Not possible/sensible:

  • ImageSelector
  • ContentSelector
  • ComboBox
  • Field set
  • Form item set

The rest of the current InputTypes are “Nice to have” default values for. For example, I know that there have been feature requests for default values in TextArea and HtmlArea for CMS 4.7, so it can be expected that people will ask for this in XP as well, at some point.

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DropDown was replaced with ComboBox and I would put it in the “Important” category. :smile:

Wow, I hadn’t noticed that. So something simple has been replaced with something complicated. Oh, well. Could be worse, I guess.

It’s essentially the same, just With search capabilities

Aha. So it’s like the HTML5 datalist element:

Not really sure if it makes any sense to have a default value for that… there’s no “selected” attribute in the HTML5 spec for ‘datalist’ like there is for the ‘select’ element.

We absolutely need a default for ComboBox. I’m using ComboBox for things like default theme: light-dark and you have to pick one. That’s a bad example because with only two options, might as well use radiobuttons. But there are others where you want a dropdown to save space but you also want it required and it has an obvious “most likely” option.

Another related request: Default values for site configuration

What’s the status on this feature request? +1 on the need for a default value.

We expect default values for many input types to be included in 6.5.


Most input types now have default values, more will come too.