Browser support compatibility matrix

Enonic version: 6.0.0
OS: Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit

Hello, guys!

As we have customers with IE from version 6 till 11, Chrome 41+ & mobile, Safari & mobile, Firefox 40, bunch of android native browsers, we need to know if building a new app with Enonic XP implies some restrictions.

Do you have kind of compatibility matrix you have tested your platform on?

What are the restrictions and do you have some kind of built-in browser detection and forwarding towards “Your browser is outdated/not compatible” page?

Alex from Evry

There are no limitations on the apps you build - 100% freedom 4 U, but we recommend using html5 ofcourse - compat in the admin UI however is a different story!

As for browser detection, you’ll have to do this yourself, best solution is probably using client-side javascript I think…

For browser feature detection, there are free tools available, like