Build asset CoreUI


Enonic version: Latest
OS: Ubuntu *

How can we build the assets without generating these long strings 544ce9b78.... ?

The problem is that Enonic is not finding the images declared in the JS files import clientestep2 from '../../../images/clientestep2.png'.

I’ve used the CoreUI Starter kit. ( yarn clean && yarn build )

Maybe @rbrastad knows the answer :grinning:

Thx in advance.



I’m sorry. Don’t have a clue what’s going on here.



@rbrastad No worries.

I understand. How would you build the react app and deploy via Gradlew?

Do I need to include the img folder in the default.html file?
The problem is that the application is not finding the images under img folder when I run yarn build and then gradlew deploy.


Well, It’s not easy to say what the problem is. But I think it maybe have to do something with the webpack setup. Where images can be found relative to the path in the build process.

Sorry no quick fix from me.



No worries, I will investigate a little further. Thanks!