Changing image position in an HtmlArea can remove existing content

Enonic version: Enonic 6.6.0
OS: Windows 7 / Chrome Version 51.0.2704.103 m (64-bit)

I have a content type with an HtmlArea where I insert text and images. If I write two paragraphs of text in the HtmlArea and then insert an image using “insert/edit image” in between the two paragraphs, everything works fine. If I later change the position of the inserted image, by pressing “insert/edit image” and selecting left or right positioning, the second paragraph of text will disappear. The second paragraph is not hidden behind the image or anything, it’s removed from the HtmlArea.

This behaviour is not consistent, but I’m able to reproduce it by switching between left-, right- and full width positioning.

Image with position left.

Change to position right and the second paragraph is gone.

On a side note: how can I insert svg-images in the HtmlArea?

Hi Eivind!

Can you send me source code of your HTML Area? Switch to the “Source” mode (the rightmost button in the toolbar), copy-paste source code into a text file and send it to [email protected]. Image is not important. This way we’ll be 100% sure we’re testing it using the same text that you are working with.

About SVG - I’ll check if it’s possible to allow those in the uploader but you can always embed SVG inline (in the same “code” mode described above). Let me know if you need instructions on this.


I reproduced the issue now and we are on it.
Also made a note about SVG embedding.

Both issues should be fixed in upcoming 6.7 version of XP.

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Just a quick followup note: you can change image alignment using the toolbar menu: Formats -> Alignment. That seems to work fine and not remove the paragraph. The alignment buttons will be placed directly on the toolbar in upcoming 6.7 version to make them easier to reach.


Regarding the toolbar menu, the possibility to define which buttons that are visible on the HtmlArea-toolbar is something we would really like on the project I am working on now. You have this feature in the HtmlArea in Enonic 4.7. I know this is unrelated to this particular issue, but I thought I would mention it anyway. We have already added this as a feature request, but I am hoping it will be possible in the near future.

Configurable HTML Area is planned for the 6.7 release as well, we are already working on that.

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