Content in HtmlArea disappears after moving it with drag-and-drop

Enonic version: 6.7.0
OS: Windows 7 / Chrome

I have a content-type with an item-set that includes an input of type HtmlArea. The item-set has occurrences set to minimum="0" and maximum="0". I create a content of said content-type with two instances of the item-set. I write some text into the HtmlArea in both instances (“section 1” and “section 2”):

Then I want to move “section 2” before “section 1” so I use the drag-and-drop functionality. After this operation, all the content in the moved HtmlArea disappears:

The HtmlArea in the moved section, where the content disappeared, is now locked and I can’t edit it. However, if I click “save draft” and then refresh in the browser, the content in the HtmlArea is back.

Hi Eivind

We reproduced the issue on our side and registered the bug in our system. The fix will be available in upcoming version 6.8 of XP.


We have just decided to release a 6.7.3 version of Enonic XP, and the fix for this will be included there as well.

We hope to have 6.7.3 ready this week. If nothing very critical happens, it should at least be ready by Monday.

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