Content-type inputs not updating

Enonic version: 6.3
OS: Ubuntu 15.10


I altered a XML file in content-type to have more inputs, however these new added inputs are not showing on admin console after I saved and deploy the application. It keeps showing the old file.

I am not too sure if it is a bug or not. It looks like to me that no matter what changes I make the content-type will not show the new updates. I tried to use ./server clean but no success.

Thank you for your help.


You can try gradle clean deploy or just “hard reload” (without cache) on the browser. Changes to form configs usually gets stuck until you reload the browser.

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I did “hard reload” before but it didn’t work. I’ll give a try on gradle clean deploy.

thanks bwe.

If you have several versions of the same app installed, this may also be causing this, if the “old” version is the one running. This would typically happen if you change the version number of your app and redeploy, and forget to delete the older versions. It might be working as expected in some situations, but after a server restart, one of the other versions might be the active one.

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Thx for the tip tlo, I will keep that in mind. gradle clean deploy did the trick.

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