Custom InputTypes / Schema Layouts

In this thread: Input Types with custom validation script and error messages you mentioned the plan to make Input Types pluggable.

I’m wondering about this as there would be great to be able to create more advanced features and still improve the editor and user experience.

Say you today want to create a integration with an third-party DAM.
You would then create a Custom Selector, and with the new Option Set coming in 6.8 :tada: I would be able to then trigger fields to override certain values.
But in this case the Custom Selector wouldn’t be sufficient, since if you have a database with a few 1000 images and even if your service provide a great search the little thumbnail that the Custom Selector provides wont be enough help. So here I see a need to be able to browse images and create more GUI for the Input.
I’m also abit unsure how I, in such a case would create/support focus and cropping on this external image, providing the “No headless giraffes” GUI to an object selected with the Custom Selector. Since it likely are going to be images that are used in different context and I wouldn’t want to change them all but rather store the zoom/crop information on the particular fetched image.

Another example would be giving the ability to create an extended GeoPoint InputType, something like this

( Google Maps custom editor for EPiServer 7.5 - ted&gustaf )
Would give the editor readability (Not everyone know their locations by coordinates), and make it smoother to not being able to go out of context to find the coordinates in the URL for Google Maps.
Most likely not needed if you just have to get 1 coordinates for office location, but say you create a “Meetup” like page with lots of events at different venues.

And I also would like to give a shoutout for the mentioned Schema Layouts in the docs, make them pluggable aswell.
So that you could group inputs something like this:

(Just using the same DOM as today, but with a few css overrides, improved but not ideal)

…using Item Sets today the readability of a recipe decrease exponentially :chart_with_downwards_trend: after each ingredient.

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Thanks for a rich post :slight_smile:

In short - all your requirements make sense, and have actually been considered in the schema design process - actually the mapSelector has been used as sample in terms of pluggable input types.

As layouts, you can see they are designed for pluggablility in the xml schema just like input types! We’ll get back to you as we have some news to share.

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Thanks for the input. We prefer to get one (1) post per feature request, then it’s easier to manage :slight_smile:

We now have the following in our backlog:

  • Table layout to itemsets
  • Pluggable input types
  • Improved icon preview for selector

About the external DAM, we recommend importing regularly to Enonic XP to get features like:

  • No headless giraffes
  • Scaling
  • Performance
  • Cache headers
    and much more


About the external DAM, it would then be a wanted feature if you could have a config option to “clone” a image selected in a ImageSelector input, either automatically by config in the schema or by user action with a button.
So that it will be easy be able to override cropping from the original image.

Note: and perhaps a slight UI improvement would be to not showing the (count) on buttons if it’s just a single object. (1) clutters and by just using it when there are multiple object it would pop-out and make the user more aware of the action.

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The duplicate button is available if you click edit on the image. We recommend this way of cloning.