CustomSelector empty field

Enonic version: 6.8.1

Hi, there! I have a custom selector service that filters some objects and relates them on articles, but when I save and close the editor for the article and open that again, the selected objects are gone visually, but their ids remains saved. That’s bad, because for a end user, the relations no longer exists. Anyone got something like this?

I’ve solved that by adding the selected ids on the first call (when load the editor for a content, start = 0), so the response on the first load has now 10 + ids.length objects.

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I was going to ask if you were returning the items for the ids requested :slight_smile:
Just make sure the total and count properties are consistent with the items available and returned.

The documentation was improved a bit on 6.8, in case you had looked at 6.7 doc. It now specifies the parameters you can expect in the request, including ids.