Diff between draft and master

Are there any plans on improving publishing to include what the changes are? Like a before and after screen or something like that? or something like when doing pull requests in GitHub

As of now you’re pretty much in the dark as to what you’re publishing. Especially when mulitple editors are working on the same site. One spesical case is when you change the sort order in Content Studio and all child elements are modified and you don’t know if you can just publish them all or if anyone has done some changes that shouldn’t be published yet.

You could copy the json from draft and master and compare them with something like http://www.jsondiff.com/ but that seems like hacking too much

We definetly want to get to this stage, but the first step will be supporting a “ready” flag for content. This way you will know what content is considered “completed” and what is work in progress. So in the case of sorting, only the items that are being edited will be flagged “in progress” and the other will be flagged as “ready”.

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So content that is in progress would never be published unless it’s moved to ready?

any roadmap for the in progress/ready/completed flag? for us and our editors this is one of the biggest pains with xp right now