Elasticsearch features

What features in elasticsearch are implemented in Enonic, such as Levenshtein distance etc?

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Features is a wide term, but since you mentions Levenshtein specifically, we implement that in the fulltext query-functions

We also support nGram analyzer, range and pathMatch as query-function.

For ordering, geoDistance are supported in the addition to normal field/score ordering. Behind the scenes, ASCII-folding is done one indexed data both searchtime and query-time.

XP also supports a number of aggregations

Language-support with stemming is something that we will look into as soon as we got the time to do so.

We are very open to suggestions about cool elasticsearch-features we could implement support for :slight_smile:


I don’t know whether elasticsearch had direct support, or via a plugin, but I have implemented a synonym dictionary in js with regards to a publicly available search page. I’m guessing doing that in elastic-search could be a bit more efficient.

Another thing would be most popular searches and a list of zero-hits searches.
But I suspect one could use Google Analytics for that?

Synonyms-support is in the pipeline. As far as I know, there is no es built-in query pattern analyzer. Its certainly possible to implement, but it requires then that you store the executed queries somewhere etc. I think the upcoming node-api would be a good fit for this.

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