Enonic XP 7.11.0 and Content Studio 4.3.0 have been released!

Dear community!

As the beautiful colours on the leaves are quickly fading away and the fall rain is pouring hard, Enonic is offering some great indoor activities to engage your mind instead! Poor yourself a nice hot drink and check out our great new releases of both Enonic XP and Content Studio.

These releases come with the long-awaited Collaboration feature. Also, there are the all new TypeScript Core libraries, Virtual Applications and No-code Schemas, new functions in our QueryDSL, New Project wizard, and many more improvements.

You can read about the most important features and improvements in Release notes of XP and Content Studio, while full change logs can be found here and here .

Please make sure you carefully read the upgrade nodes for XP to ensure your upgrade goes smoothly.

Warm regards for the cold season from our team at Enonic!


Hi all,

Since there now exists official TypeScript-types from Enonic :tada:, I have changed the purpose of “my” enonic-types package, to provide types for the libraries that doesn’t have official types yet.

Examples of these libraries are:

  • cache
  • menu
  • graphql
  • guillotine
  • http-client
  • thymeleaf
  • [and many more…]

These types are completely compatible with the new official types, and they are published under the npm organization @item-enonic-types.

To use them you can just npm-install them individually (from this list), or install the good-old enonic-types to pull in all of them (as well as the official types).

You will also need to update your tsconfig.json like this (to include libraries under @item-enonic-types).

  "compilerOptions": {
    "types": ["node", "@item-enonic-types/global"],
    "rootDirs": [
    "paths": {
      "/lib/xp/*": ["./node_modules/@enonic-types/lib-*"],
      "/lib/*": [
         "./node_modules/@item-enonic-types/lib-*" ,
      "/site/*": ["./.xp-codegen/site/*"]

Good job Enonic

I think @mta (and others) has done a fantastic job with the new official TypeScript-types :clap: , and I’m really looking forward to using them in my new project.

I would recommend everyone to migrate/upgrade to the official types, and I have created a small migration guide here for some of the changes you need to be aware of. (If you find something particularly challanging in the upgrade, please do a PR to that migration guide to give tips to others).

Good luck TypeScripters! The future is looking good for us! :sun_with_face:

– Tom Arild


Hi again,

And just a little shameless plug here. :blush:

If you are planning to start using TypeScript now – with the new official types from Enonic – I recommend that you have a look at xp-codegen-plugin.

It is a Gradle-plugin that generates TypeScript interfaces based on the xml-files in your project, so you don’t have to write these interfaces yourself.

– Tom Arild


Thanks for all your help on getting the new TypeScript support released and tested @tom - it would not have been the same without your help!:tada::raised_hands::+1: