Global properties for a part

Is there a way to create a global property for all parts of a given type - or even better, for a given page?

I’m trying to implement a page that has 3 full-screen images with a way to navigate between them. Since we’re not sure what kind of navigation would work best, we would like som kind of feature toggling.

How would I go about implementing this? I would love to have some kind of custom key-values (like in CMS) for a given page (menuitem), so it can be overridden that way - is that something XP supports?

How about adding a config to a page?

In 6.5 (or soon after) we’ll introduce Fragments. They are basically parts stored with settings, it can even contain bundles of parts and layouts together. You could then define a Frontpage Fragment using one or two parts and re-use that fragment on other pages.

If you just need to inherit settings you could have one part with the xml, and then multiple views in the same part using this. You could even have multiple js-files with one master controller in the same part.

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The three fullscreen images concept is a bit unclear to me - but if you build this functionality into your page controller, just create a page config like Bobby says :smile:

Alternatively place config in site xml…

Both options are better than the custom props of CMS.

@tsi - think of it as a horizontal slide show, with some HTML and call-to-actions inside of each.

Thanks, I’ll try that approach next :smile:

Turned out this was a non-issue for me - I had a part called entries, which had an item-set with entries. I ended up creating a few combo box inputs outside of the item set.

Thanks for the prompt replies by the way!

Nice =) Yeah with a item-set you can kind of get global settings for those sets of items by adding new configs on “root” level. Good catch!