Guilotine returning optional value as null

Enonic version: 7.4.0-SNAPSHOT


When we define a content type with optional variables and the variables are not used (empty) the Guillotine returns result without the variables. Can we configure the Guillotine in that way that it returns null values for the variables?


Not related to the original question but why are you on a snapshot version? Snapshots are not supposed to be used except for our internal development purposes as we don’t guarantee stable functionality in them.

Which version of Guillotine are you using? From the release notes I see that Guillotine 4.2 at least uses this approach. As in returns null values rather than “nothing” for all fields specified.

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Seems this was fixed in 4.1.2?

Did upgrading solve your problem?


thank you for your tips. I updated the XP Enonic to the version 7.4.1, I also installed Guillotine 4.2.0 from the market. The result is the same :frowning:
The the optional attributes are still missing in the object. It would be great if we get nulls

Hi Pavel,

Can you create an issue on the github repo?



I create an issue in the github:


Thanks for helping us solve this!