Html Area custom settings - f.ex: bigger as default

Hi all,

We have an HTML area field in a form to the authors write their articles.

Aesthetically (thinking in user experience) would be nice if that field, that will consist all the main content of the article, could be rendered with some attribute “height” setting in the content type config.

Using this, it could be displayed better visually for the end user and he would not need to press “enter” or use the mouse to increase your height manually before he writes.

Are you thinking about the initial size of the editor? The editor already grows with the content.
There is also a maximize button to edit in full screen already.

I was thinking when the user is creating “a new article”. Does not exist content yet, and field is rendered with a height default (I think is 100px looking in F12). Changing to 400px or more, f. ex, could be nice visually.

Hi Fernando…
I just tested this locally, and with me the initial height of the editor input look like this:

The initial size is 200px. I believe this is quite sufficient for an empty field?

Sure. We see it, that the default value is 200px. Was a question from the costumer if maybe could we config that input to render with a custom height (f.ex, 400px). But I think this is not so critical, only to check so. Thanks!