HtmlArea / TinyMCE in Enonic XP?

The Input Type HtmlArea is not well documented:


A field for entering html in a WYSIWYG HTML editor. It supports inserting images and linking to media content in general. More configuration options will be available here soon!

When I try using it in a content-type I get a simple input box.
How should my xml look in order to get the WYSIWYG HTML editor that the documentation promises?

Is there another way to make text with various inline links?

It works now. Was a typo. Some documentation would still be nice though.

The editor icons don’t appear until you click in the box. Most of these are fairly common/standard editing features, but some things (like the linking) should indeed be documented with examples. We will add a documentation section for content editors and admin tools in the future.

I’m talking about development documentation. Are there no options for the input type htmlarea?

No there are currently no options, but we have some planned.