Icon support for x-data


The documentation states there is (PNG) icon support for x-data.

There is the obvious cut’n’paste error in the path there. But other than that there is seemingly no support for icons in x-data whatsoever. I’ve tried both PNG and SVG, restarted the server etc, but no luck so far. With the new compressed shortcut bar in 6.15.x that shows an icon for the settings and access sections in the content editor, you would think this to be a perfect opportunity to be able to do the same in your own apps.


Hey Daniel,
I could also not see the icon SVG when put in the x-data folder. So this would seem like a bug report.
I’ll file a bug report on it if one of my co workers are not working with the feedback right now.


A comment on this:

  1. The documentation is wrong here, I guess at some point we intended to use icons, but never implemented it
  2. As mentioned with the new use of icons, we could enable meaningful use of icons for x-data.

conclusion, don’t file a bug report, we’ll keep this entry as a feature request instead :slight_smile:


Hi! We have approved this feature.
Eta XP 7.1