Image component doesn't have an `alt` text

Enonic version: 6.15.5

Hi, the image component doesn’t seem to generate the alt text nor there is option to take in alt text. But this option is available when I add an image via a HTML Area.

Please help.

As you said, image component doesn’t support alt text - this type of component serves to quickly add an already prepared image content to a page. If you want more advanced processing - alt text, alignment, styling, scaling etc. - then you have to use text component / insert image dialog. Alternatively, you can create your own part which will render selected image and use part config to apply alt attribute.

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Hi! Is that really so? You have components for web images where we are not able to add alt text? Then it is not possible to use it on webpages if we want to follow SEO and Accessibility rules.

If you need to set alt text or caption for an image then you have to use a text component and insert an image into it via the “Insert Image” modal dialog:

Image component is a legacy component from the times when we didn’t have the rich editor with advanced dialog for embedding images.

Alt text should have been generated automatically from image data, obviously an error that we will fix!


In which version will this be fixed? Kristin

This is coming in XP 7 which we’re about to release today :slight_smile: