Initiating Project offline

How to initialize the project in offline mode?
In my firm I am not allowed to download anything. Since the command to initiate the project in enonic xp 6.5 demands to download starte-vanilla.git from github, I want to find a away to do it without asking the command line to download anything. I already downloaded the starter-vanilla from the open network and kept it in my D:/ drive. I would like to know any alternative by which I will be able to init-projct in offline mode.

Thank You!

If you downloaded the starter-vanilla from GitHub then you can just use those files as a base for your own project. Edit the build.gradle file to add any dependencies you need and edit the file. Change the group, projectName, appName and displayName to whatever name you want to use. Then add folders and files for the page components and parts as described in the docs.

When you are ready to build and deploy your project, go to the root of the project files in the command line and do gradle clean build and then move the project-name/build/libs/my-app.1.0.0.jar file into your $XP_HOME/deploy folder.