Jcenter deprecation

According to the news (https://blog.gradle.org/jcenter-shutdown), jcenter will shutdown soon.

Is there any planned workaround for XP6 and XP7 projects building with jcenter?
Or maybe the developers should check each project relying on jcenter and replace it by mavenCentral?

Hello and thanks for the heads up.

We are aware of the deprecation of Jcenter and Bintray. As a part of the mitigation plan we will start by upgrading Enonic apps to use Maven instead of Jcenter. We are already using Enonic repo for our own artifacts, so shutdown of the Bintray should not affect Enonic apps.

As for the 3rd party apps we will reach out to developers (via Slack and here on Discuss) to have them migrate their apps to Maven, Bitbucket or other package repositories and then re-release their apps on our Market.