Last week at Enonic - 2017, week 31

Last Week

We kick started last week after the summer vacations by releasing quite a few new additions to our Market. Scroll down to that section to learn more!

maximsalnikov branded the PWA meetup groups for London and for Oslo. Check them out!

Seeds consulting launched two websites on XP (In Norwegian), and

We’ve added more training sessions, both in Oslo and London, for the coming months. Check them out further down in this issue of Last Week in the training-section.

If you need to learn more about why PWA is the new hot in web development, check out our new PWA document. It’s time you convince your boss, and/or clients, to ditch all those old native apps. Especially now that Webkit (the rendering engine running in Safari) have begun implementing Service Workers, a key component in building a PWA.

Last but not least, our very own Sten Roger Sandvik is interviewed by Norwegian

Further reading

Here’s some interesting articles for you, all related to Web Development in general. Trying to stay fresh by focusing on what surfaced last week.

Shoelace.css is a new starter kit (not a framework) for building websites. Like Bootstrap, but without the entire “boot”, just the laces. Less footprint (pun intended).

Chrome 60 just released and in the video they explain all the new things, like their Paint Timing API, controlled Font loading, and more.

Tutorial website Tuts+ published a beginners comparison on Angular versus React, for those that haven’t yet chosen side.

The same website also published a interesting article for us gamers about building an online game in your browser. It covers the core concepts to handling multiple users playing at the same time and how to minimize server traffic with “emit” and securing your game from cheating.

Please send me a private message if you have other web-related things you’d like me to share.

Enonic Releases

In case you missed it, Enonic XP 6.11 is fresh off the shelves this summer. Take it for a spin!

Enonic Market

Enonic Market servers went hot last week, with a total of five new releases.

The first batch of three new releases comes from the release of XP 6.11 and our new strategy with internal libraries. To make them easier and faster to update (and fix) we’ve moved them out of the core project. If you intend to use Enonic’s lib-cache, lib-http-client or lib-xslt you now need to head to the Market. Version numbering is now reset to 1.0.0 and fixes on these libs will be released independently from the core product. Follow the new installation instructions, as the lines going into build.gradle have changed slightly. Only apps being rebuilt for XP 6.11 needs to update their build scripts, apps built for older XP-versions doesn’t need to change anything (not even when running on 6.11+ servers!).

We have two new apps as well. One is for those who want to try building a corporate website using Enonic XP. Try out the brand new Corporate Theme app. When installed, it will generate a demo site for you full of content to played around with. It also contains a lot of components for you to play around with and configure. After some time with it, why not try and build a website from scratch? Check out the documentation for more detailed instructions.

The last app is the GitPull app. It lets you configure multiple git repositories that the app can fetch resources from (like server configurations). The app will pull when it starts, or an api end-point is requested (through POST). Use this app in your continuous delivery endeavor. We’ll continue to improve this app to become even more powerful.


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Latest batch of planned training events:

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See you next week!

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