Last week at Enonic - 2018, week 25

Last Week

Few CMS-vendors out there are ISO certified, we got certified for yet another year for Enonic XP (ISO 9001:2015 approved) last week. Pretty good news! This certification makes sure our product stays on top and that you are always taken care of when using our software.

On the Market, Bouvet made two new entries, now at a total of three contributions. Scroll to the Market-section for details. We’re also currently doing the final testing on a Websocket utility-library from Item Consulting.

6.15 is full steam ahead, currently on beta 2 meaning we’ll soon be releasing Release Candidates (the last step before full launch!). If you head to our repo you’ll find our second beta 2 of 6.15! Many fun and exciting changes are coming with it, so be sure to try it out. We’re most eager to get our community to try the all new HtmlArea rich text editor.

Summer is soon upon us, next week will be the last Last Week until August.

Stay in touch here in our forums and on our open Slack channels.

Enonic Releases

Be sure to take beta 2 of 6.15 for a spin!

Keep reporting bugs here in the forum and on our Github page for XP.

Enonic Market

Enonic Market had these updates last week:

Security.txt 1.0.2 - Easily set up and use security.txt for Enonic XP.

Readable 1.0.0 - Readability scoring widget for Enonic XP.

Corporate Theme 1.1.3 - Fix a few minor issues, and introduce caption-support on header images inside news articles.

Further reading

Here’s some interesting articles that surfaced last week, related to Web Development in general.

Send me a private message if you happen to stumble over something interesting this week.


The following events are planned so far:

No current events.


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Don’t forget to certify yourself as an XP developer!

See you next week!

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