Last week at Enonic - 2019, week 4

Last Week

Our Market grew with two brand new apps last week, the Tiny blog app for creating a simple blog on any website, and the Discussion app for adding threaded commenting support for any website. Enonic’s Persijn not only built the apps, but also created some very nice icons for them!

Enonic published two new case studies on our website, have a read for two very different but exciting use cases. Bouvet with their Intranet in From website to employee platform and TechnipFMC with their web app in Web-based and responsive logistics solution.

The web editor meetup is soon upon us with the 7th of February approaching fast. Signups are pooring in, and they are limited! TINE will talk about how they use Enonic XP, the SEO Metafields app, and other tricks for reaching the top spots on Google. Also Item consulting will talk about accessability and what web editors can do to improve it. We’ll also show you som of Enonic XP 7.0. The entire meetup is held in Norwegian.

Training is booming and we’ve added more available seats per training day, as well as more training. If you’re a larger group we can do training on demand, just contact us!

Psst! Know any Java-masters? Send them to our career-page.

Enonic Releases

Our latest release is Enonic XP 6.15.5!

As always, we appreciate feature requests and bug reports here in the forum and/or on our Github page for XP.

Enonic Market

Enonic Market had these updates last week:

  • tinyblog 1.0.0 - An application that lets you create blogs on your page.

  • Discussion 1.0.0 - Gives your website the possibility to list and create comments.

Further reading

Here’s some interesting articles that surfaced last week, related to the web in general (not only development).

Send me a private message if you happen to stumble over something interesting this week.


The following events are planned so far:


We provide professional training for developers, editors, and marketers. These training events are coming up, but more are available! Need custom training, or training on other dates, or other locations? Contact us!

Don’t forget to certify yourself as an XP developer!

That’s it for now. Stay in touch with us here in our forums and on our open Slack channels.

See you next week!