Lib-cron update

We recently released a new version of one of the most used library lib-cron. It has a great set of features described in a recent post.
New version of lib-cron is supposed to replace app-cron. We recommend to switch from app-cron to lib-cron as soon as possible.

app-cron has a few flaws that was hard to deal with:

  • job submitted to app-cron could live “forever” even if application that submitted that job gets stopped/uninstalled. It was submitter app responsibility to cleanup, but it is not always possible.
  • when stopped/updated app-cron cancels all currently scheduled cron jobs without notifying submitter apps.
  • single app-cron worker thread is shared between all apps. So long running jobs would could delay other applications jobs execution.

lib-cron starts a worker thread within application’s scope life-cycle and does so it does’t have these flaws.

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New release of lib-cron also fixes critical bug where each application that uses it would provide a conflicting Cron Service.

You can find full release notes on lib-cron on Github

We recommend to always use the latest available version of the lib.