Localization with ØÆÅ

Enonic version: 6.11.1
OS: Windows 10

I’m having some issues with localization on a site between Norwegian and English. More spesifically on the letters ØÆÅ.

I’ve tried
My code:
<p data-th-text="${portal.localize({'_key=testTranslate','_locale=no'})}"></p>

phrases_no.properities file:
testTranslate = ø

I’m successfully getting the information from within the phrases file, and alternating locale etc. is all good. But rendering of the letters ØÆÅ is providing some issues.

What I’ve tried:
testTranslate = ø results in
testTranslate = &#248; results in
Even using the example from docs:
med_\u00e6_\u00f8_\u00e5 = This contains the norwegian characters æ, ø and å results in

Any ideas?

Hi mEn,

In Windows your files might sometimes get saved using ISO-format. Can you make sure you save files using UTF-8 format? And that goes for all files used to display this - phrases, controllers, pages, whatnot. Also make sure you have the meta-field for UTF-8 present in your HTML.

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I made the phrases.property files using IntelliJ. Removed these and made new files using Notepad with UTF-8 encoding as suggest. Worked great :slight_smile:
Thanks! :+1:

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Cool =)

There’s probably better ways too, but I use Sublime Text 3 a lot to just open and save files with another encoding if this happens. It can re-save existing files with another encoding. No need to recreate or copy pasta text.

Command line ninjas will most likely have a magic receipt for this to, in the styles of grep push | yolo zip -e rubarb -r #347676 etc.

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