Manual sorting is reversed in CS

Enonic version: 7.4
OS: Ubuntu


I realized this week with a customer that some contents listings are reversed according to the sort items function in CS. I see that, for those, the childOrder is set as ‘_manualordervalue ASC’, and for those that matches the ordering the value is ‘_manualordervalue DESC’.

Reversed order 1:

Reversed order 2:

Captura de tela de 2021-06-11 08-16-25

Right order:

Captura de tela de 2021-06-11 08-23-03

Is there less painful way of fixing this than changing the objects manually (I tested changing the childOrder in one of these to one of the default values, then manually changed some children order and it kinda fixed the issue) or setting the contents childOrder to ‘_manualordervalue DESC’ with a service/task?


I’m sorry for bringing this up again, but the customer is becoming really annoyed with this.
Is there a way to solve it with minimal to no object changes?

I’m not really sure what is happening here. When using Content Studio, and changing manual order - the childOrder will always be set to “_manualordervalue DESC”.

Are you creating or manipulating your content via API perhaps?