Multi language site - content relationship


I’m just evaluating some CMS for our new company website. I also looked at enonic and have a problem that I can’t figure out myself:

In content studio every content has a language. But how can I manage to see which content of one language belongs to the same content in another language? We have a lot of content items and currently it’s very difficult for me to have an overview of all the translated content and the relationship between them.
Perhaps you can give me a hint if there is a feature I didn’t see so far?

Thank you


Enonic version: 7.5.0
OS: Windows 10

You’re in luck Harald. This new solution for handling multi-lingual content is going live any day now:


Thank you very much for the good news!

Is there a beta version available to play with the new feature?

Even better, there is a release candidate :slight_smile:
You can get it via CLI by writing “enonic sandbox create -a”

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It seems to be very interesting feature, which we miss in the current version too. Unfortunately if I wanted to try, it didn’t work for me. I run the XP version 7.6.0-RC1 and install the ContentStudio and SuperHero application from the Applications store. Then I followed the video instructions, but in my ContentStudio (v3.1.3) the Layers didn’t appear. Then I mention that Thomas is using ContentStudio v3.2.0 in the video. This version is not available in the Application store. Can you update the version of CS in the store as well.

Pavel, making beta versions available on the Enonic Market is a bad idea, in my opinion.

Instead, I suggest you do this: To install pre-release versions of Enonic Software, download the binaries directly from the repo and upload them in the Applications tool (right next to where you search for apps, you can click the upload button or simply drag the .jar file into that dialog window).

You can find pre-release versions of Content Studio here:

Best wishes,

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Thank you, Bjornar, for the link.
I downloaded the ContentStudio a run it. The layers work as Thomas shows in the video. Great job!!
When do you plan to release this version officially?

We are running final tests. Official release should arrive early next week.