Occurences under item-set is not working

Enonic version: 6.6.0-SNAPSHOT

I was using 6.5.4 with nested item-sets and it was working.

Now it is not working on 6.6.0-SNAPSHOT with nested item-sets, The server log says the is not valid and the content studio can’t load this content-type. It seems to work when I remove but I need to use occurrences.

The only reason I want nested item-sets is to structure the JSON output. The data is all flat when using field-set.

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I tried this and got the same problem only when I used xmlns="urn:enonic:xp:model:1.0" in the content type. When I removed that then no error and the nested item-sets seem to work.

`16:38:25.560 ERROR c.e.x.j.i.e.JsonExceptionMapper - Could not load part descriptor …

Invalid content was found starting with element ‘occurrences’. One of ‘{“urn:enonic:xp:model:1.0”:maximize, “urn:enonic:xp:model:1.0”:default}’ is expected.


We’ll have a look at this!

When you have the xmlns set then it does the validation. We should force validation all the time. Could you please upload the part descriptor where the problem occurs?