Prevent images from scaling up

Prevent images from scaling up unless specifically told to do so with a flag parameter or something, (which will never happen). For example scalewidth(500) but if the image original width is only 300 then just return the original and don’t stretch it out. This was an issue with 4.7 and it was a pain to deal with. Nobody ever wants an image scaled up because it just gets blurry and ugly and then people complain.

We could deal with it in a framework or STK. But as we know from 4.x, some customers won’t use our framework, so it’s best to handle this on the back end.

If for some reason somebody did want an image scaled up, then maybe have a parameter for that, something like “scalewidth(500, ‘scaleUp’)”.


+1000 on this one! =)

I’ve never wanted a scaled up image in my entire life of building websites. What I might want is the suggestion from Bjørnar to add padding so the image is 300x300 always, even if original is smaller. But never ever scale up an image.


Well, I think we need a FLAG or function for this. Because, Designers can create images with high DPI and small resolution. With high DPI images scaling up is usually no problem.


We will investigate the side-effects of such as change, a switch would probably be smart…

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Yes, we have the same problem here. It’s not that bad for photos, but one of our customers use graphs exported from excel, and especially the text gets unreadable because of the combined scaling of the filters and the browser CSS (using 4.7). (I am trying to convince them they should let us make a graph-producing plugin/portlet combo that we can use with Javascript to re-render when scaling.)

We’re looking into this now! More info later.

As of 6.3 users can choose to insert images in original size in the html area. The rest needs to be checked in your controller for now.

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