Proposed category changes

I have looked at how other’s manage their forums (gradle and elastic) and see that we should probably create some more categories. I propose the following changes:

  • Keep “CMS” category for discussions about our old version (3.x and 4.x).
  • Create a “bugs” category that should be used to discuss bugs (and possible workarounds/solutions) about our products.
  • Create a “features” category that should be used to discuss new features, upcomming features and feature requests about our products.
  • Create a “help” category that should be used to get help about our products.
  • Create a “modules” category that should be used to discuss modules.

I see that if you create a lot of sub-categories it will be more difficult to see what’s happened since you do not get a “overview” view inside a category. Therefore I think it’s better to flatten out the categories instead of creating a lot of subcategories.

What do you think?


And also “hosting” category that we can discuss how to host the solution on various infrastructure, IaS & PaS.

This sounds like a very good idea, imo. It’s more future proof as just having CMS and XP categories would fill up fast with a lot of different things and hard to keep an extra eye out. Now we could pay extra attention to the bugs category, for instance.

Agreeing with the “flat structure” part. Good overview is important.

Thos categories you mentioned are all I can think of too.

Discussed this internally and I will do the following:

  • Rename “XP” to “help”
  • Create “modules” category
  • Create “bugs” category
  • Create “features” category
  • Create “hosting” category

So, for bugs, features and other stuff related to the old version, everything goes in the CMS category, but for XP, we use the individual categories? It makes sense to me. I like the way it’s split up, and agree with @bwe that it is more [quote=“bwe, post:3, topic:34”]future proof[/quote]
but I am not sure if CMS users will see it the same way. We shold be prepared to find CMS bugs and feature requests in the “bugs” and “features” category.

For CMS users, just post in the bugs and feature categories if you want. We will move them if it makes sense.

How about a category for “Tips and Tricks” or something? Then we can post small tips, advice, things to watch out for and stuff like that.

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Yes, that could be good. Will leave this here a couple of days before making the change in case of anyone has any objections.