React + Enonic XP

Hi guys! Any of you already used to work with React and Enonic together? I mean, using parts as components, etc? I’m planning to do something mixing them, but for now (I’m still learning React) the only thing I see both together is the possibility to call Enonic Services.

We did some work about one year ago, that included the Babel starter kit: and also an intranet starter kit that was put on hold. There are no current “best practice” approaches to this as react can be used for anything from fixing client-side updating of a part to handle bigger things I guess.

Also nice to know that with Java 9 we will be able to support ES6 in the not too distant future.


Hi @tsi ,

I am still little confused on how to use React with Enonic XP.

Do you have an example of a small project using hot-reload, auto-watch, bundle build etc … by any chance? :grin:

Much appreciated.

You might want to take a look at this Market starter that uses React. Maybe the code structure gives you some answers =)


hum… interesting.

Thank you. I’ll have a look at it.

Cheers. :+1:

Just got it working serverSide (in development)