Related images are not published if inserted into WYSIWYG

Enonic version: 6.10.1
OS: Ubuntu 16.04


Possibly I have found a minor bug, which is related to WYSIWYG. This is what we’ve done:

  1. created a new object with a region in it.
  2. inserted default “Text” part.
  3. uploaded a new image and inserted it into text part.
  4. please, note, both object and image should have status “New” and image should be under current object.
  5. published an object. The system did not suggest us to publish image with an object.
  6. article is available and the url to an image gives 404 as image is not published.

I presume, editor should suggest publish images under article as well if they are related in a WYSIWYG. Sorry, if I mistake.



This is a known issue, and not strictly a bug, even if it might seem so. It is actually a result of a small design mistake for how we store the data produced by the editors.

Thing is we use references to deduce what items to publish. For the moment, when you insert links to other items into any editor field (htmlarea or text component) the result is currently simply stored as a text string, so no references to the item exist in the data structure. It turned out that fixing this issue would require us to break the data-model for these inputs, so this cannot be fixed until 7.0 :frowning:

Sorry bout that!


Ok! Thanks for the information :slight_smile: