Sort by Url or path for contents

Enonic version: 6.15.11
OS: Linux

Do we have an option to sort contents by url (path) instead of displayName ? Webmasters really would love to have that feature.

This is already in our backlog

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It won’t be done in XP 6 though, only in XP 7+.

Hmm, sorting by URL has been supported by XP since launch AFAIK? Use the fields _name or _path

tsi, due to the way the original post mentions that Webmasters would love that feature, my guess is the question is about sorting contents in the hierarchy inside Content Studio - not about sorting something in your own app. In which case ase’s response seems fitting.

That’s correct @bhj @ase. Glad that it is making into ver 7 but we (from Posten) were hoping if we could get it in ver 6.15.x. :slight_smile: