Unnecessary publish dependency

Enonic version: 6.9.3
OS: Linux

Hi guys!!!

We are trying to publish a content, f. ex. “Vm Vinteridretter”, but the problem is that Enonic demands that we should also publish another content, f. ex. “Amerikansk Presidentvalg” as well. These two items are not related in any way we do not want to publish the second one. These tow items have the same parent. Any idea about that?

BTW: We were using the version 6.8.1 and we have upgraded it to 6.9.3 because the bug fix XP-4706, but the error persists after the upgrading.


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Maybe “Amerikansk Presidentvalg” is parent of some other content related from “Vm vinteridretter”?

In 6.9 only items that are “parent” items should be listed without the remove icon in the publishing wizard if I remember correctly.

I don’t think so. I have also checked that and the two items are not related in any way. These two items have the same parent. Let me check with customer if it is possible to send a link to dev version or a dump to check that.

I’ve solved what you are experience in this way many times (warning - dirty hack):
Take note of the items that you don’t want published. Publish it all, then find those you didn’t want and then unpublish them separately. This way works and it will be done so quick that it won’t be noticed by anyone else. But ofc only works when dependency list is short.

I believe, if not mistaken, that 6.10 will have more control over this process so that you can force removal of content from the publishing wizard.

Hmm… I see. The problem the customer have to do that for a lot of content and it is taking time.

Can I send a link for a dump in private message for you?

If this is for a subscribing customer, please create an issue on support.enonic.com and it will be handled by our dev team.

This is not for a subscribing customer. I just sent a private message to you, @tsi).

I have done more tests about that and I have noted if the content in relationship-type attribute has the same parent, enonic will ask to publish the other content that is not related. For example, I have two content “Vm Vinteridretter” and “Amerikansk Presidentvalg”. These two items have a relationship-type attribute where makes reference a content in “Finn boker” folder. The content under “Finn boker” folder makes reference to a content under “Importerte boker”. So, when I try to publish “Vm Vinteridretter”, enonic asks to publish “Amerikansk Presidentvalg” too. Maybe, the behind code is checking the parent of contents in first level instead of the last level in tree.

A screenshot of “mock” of your tree structure would help. But in general, the system will scan for referenced items or unpublished parent items. If for instance a parent item has references to other items all will be included in the publish by default.

I was under the assumption that referenced non-parent items could be removed now, but it turns out this is only part of the 6.10 release (which will go live in march).