vHost Port on dev servers

There’s any method to map a site to the choosen ports?
For example, I have a enonic installation that have a Norweigian site and an English one. In production, each one will have their own domains, but in dev server, we access different projects by their port. In this project, we use 8081, but I want to map the EN site to 8082. Is this possible?

Hmm? To my Knowledge xp will only serve sites on port 8080, are we talking two different instances?

Anyway - xp vhosts currently dont deal with ports, so this would be handled by apache or similar I guess.

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We have a dev server with several instances for different projects. This is ok and working fine. What I asked for is if there’s a possibility to “split” one of these served instances into two ports, but I think its not xD Thanks!