What is the status of the CMS to XP migration tool?


I was going to check out the cms2xp migration tool (https://github.com/enonic/cms2xp), and noticed the readme says not to use it yet.

Is this because there are some minor bugs/it hasn’t been tested properly yet, og is it simply not done?

Is it at all possible to migrate content from CMS to XP at the moment?


It is still work in progress. Although it already works for migrating some content from CMS.

It’s “use-at-your-own-risk” bleeding edge, and not documented. But if you feel like giving it a try, you can build the project with gradle and then unzip the file in build/distributions/cms2xp-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.zip . Then execute bin/cms2xp from command line.

It takes a config.xml file as a parameter, you will see an example when you run the command.
You have to specify source JDBC settings to the CMS database, path to the blobs directory and path to the resources directory. You will also have to copy the JDBC driver .jar to the lib directory, unless it’s an H2 database.

As output you will get 2 export directories: one for content and one for users. And also it will generate an XP app with content types and some page templates.
The content and user export data can be imported to XP with the standard import toolbox command.
Import the user data with -t system-repo:master:/
And the content data with -t cms-repo:draft:/content

Just to make it clear, it’s not ready for external use yet, and some parts will probably be changed. But feedback is of course always welcome.

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Ok. I’ll try it with a test-site, then, and see if I can get it to work.

You say it “works for migrating some content from CMS”. Are there cases you know that doesn’t work?

This is related to a possible customer case, and if we can’t migrate the full site, we should probably recommend them to wait a bit longer.

  • Content created with Form Builder is not correctly translated to XP.
  • Some content types with uploadfile fields are not correctly translated to XP (requires changes coming in 6.4)
  • Some CMS content properties, like publishFrom and publishTo are not yet mapped to XP

It is definitely recommended to wait a bit before migrating a full site.
But it would also be interesting for us to know how much is currently working for you, and if there are some cases we have not thought of.

We expect the first version to go live with 6.5. ETA midt April.


The CMS2XP tool can be tested now:

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