Widgets for a site is visible to all other sites on server


I recently discovered that a widget I made for a site was visible to all other sites on that server. Is there a way to limit a widget to only be available in the app it is created?

Hi Trond,

A widget is by default meant to be an extension of the Content Studio admin interface by itself and not a specific site. You can limit access to specific roles, and that could help since you can create custom roles and assign that to the widget and that site.

As of now a widget can be added to a site as an app, but that’s more a “bug” and something we are highly likely to remove in the future.

However, we happily take feature requests in the Feature category of Discuss. Do you want me to move this thread there?

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If I understand you correctly, you are referring to the fact that a widget is listed in the right menu even if it is not added to that site? The reason for this is simply that the UI would not work vell if widgets were disappearing/re-appearing when clikcing around in the structure.

Your widget should check if it in installed on the site and show a meaningful message if it is not. Check out how we made the Google Analytics widget.


@bwe No need to move the thread, I just wanted to know if this was intended behaviour. It makes alot of sense to create widgets in separate apps instead of creating them as part of the site. Thanks for the info! :slight_smile:

@tsi You understood me correctly. I will checkout the analytics app. Thanks.

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