XP - Delete content by _id fails

In my content REPO I have a 2 contents with the same path.

How did I make that happen ?
I created 1 content i MASTER branch and one content in DRAFT and published it and I got 2 content with the same path.
So now I’m trying to delete 1 content by _id because the _id for the 2 contents are unique.

“createdTime”: “2015-08-06T18:08:04.966Z”,
"_id": “5c886cbc-7e59-4dca-bb8b-57bbb5898732”,
“page”: {}

But when I do the delete command I get:
com.enonic.xp.query.QueryException: Expected at most 1 hit, found 2

So I think the issue is that content is deleted with _path param and is a bug ?


Sounds like a probable bug, I will investigate it.

Hmm, not able to reproduce by integration tests yet, can you post the full stacktrace please?