Yeoman generator for Enonic XP on npm


I have created a Yeoman generator for scaffolding Enonic XP applications. It can be used to setup a whole new project, or quickly add contenttypes, parts or pages to an existing one. I’ve been using it for my personal projects for a while and thought it was time to release it on NPM incase somebody else found it useful.

It’s currently released at generator-enonic-xp - npm. You can find links to the source code from there if you are interested in having a look or want to contribute.

Down below is a little preview of how it can be used.

I have plans to extend it with more subgenerators for services, controllers etc. I also want to add the option to add webpack and other building tools in the project generator but all in good time. I’m happy to receive feedback, feature requests and improvement points.

PS: I’ve only tested it on my own machine, so i hope it works outside my environment :sweat_smile:


Awesome! Hope everyone can star this on github :slight_smile:

Lasse! Can this be combined with the XP starter kits?