News and announcements about Enonic products and happenings.


This category should be used when seeking clarification on how something should be done. If something is not working as expected and you believe it to be in error, please post it in the bug category.


Learn about and discuss the key features the Enonic team is working on or plans in the future. Feel free to add your own ideas too.


Discuss and share applications, starters and libraries created for Enonic XP.


Please post here for anything you consider a bug in Enonic products.


Discussion about how to host Enonic products. Please share ideas on how to make hosting better too.

Enonic CMS

Discuss Enonic CMS related topics - code, contributions, feature requests and bug reports are welcome.


This category holds the reports from our PAB (Product Advisory Board). PAB are bi-weekly meetings where we go through all feature requests, evaluate them for our backlog, and prioritise the backlog. Read about planned features and road-maps. Feel free to comment.


Here you can discuss any and all things related to the Enonic forums. Suggestions and feedback are welcome!