Alt-text automatically added when inserting image in Html Editor

Enonic version: 7.11.3 (and older)
Content Studio: 4.4.2 (and older)

When inserting an image (without an Alternative text) to the Html Editor the _name of the image is automatically added as Alternative text.

Is there any “simple” way to avoid this without adding “ugly” code.

I would rather have the editors add alt-text for images when they need/want it.
…Instead of telling them to remove something that is not a good/valid alt-text in the first place.

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When we implemented this, it was done by a similar feature request from someone whose editors wanted to always have alt text set, even if the original image didn’t have it. Many people - many minds :slight_smile:

I guess we could make this behaviour configurable. We’ll move this to feature requests category and discuss in a next roadmap meeting.

I see. Previously it made sence to show “something”.

But with Accessibility in mind it’s better to show nothing, than something irrelevant.

We have looked into this, and will change the functionality. Have a look at: Feature request: Being able to mark pictures as decorative - #7 by tsi