Bad Performance in Enonic XP


At TINE we use Varnish with a custom integration in content studio for cache invalidation when apps or content update. We also do a lot of image caching and optimization outside of xp. Apache and Bigip as webserver and firewall

We even had a talk at one of the meetups last year about how we have the fastest xp site in the world :wink:


But you should really fix your template before starting to optimize. Freemarker beats Thymeleaf btw :slight_smile:


Thanks for the information everybody.
I have now for testing moved the VM to a newer ESX-host, and I se better performance when I load one page. Havn’t tryed with more tests in paralell.
I se that the total-time for thymeleaf are 78ms on the new ESX, and 203ms on the other. That’s a big difference.
I will take this information with me to the developer tomorrow.
BTW: Who can change to Freemarker, is it the developer or Enonic?



Freemarker is a lib on the marketplace. (Developed by TINE)


I don’t think the problem is in Thymeleaf vs Freemarker.

The thymeleaf-entry on the livetrace is the from the page-controller. I think it contains the rendering of the parts inside it. We can’t see where the work is actually being done (page or parts), but it’s probably not doing thymeleaf templating.


Part rendering is explicitly listed in Livetrace and performed as a separate synchronous processing step after the Page rendering:


Can you show me an example of how we can se this in Livetrace? Just a picture would be nice :slight_smile:



You can see this from the picture posted by bhj earlier in this thread. Each “renderComponent” is the start of rendering a part, layout or similar.