Testing your controllers


I’m missing the test framework too.


Would really like to see this prioritized. From my standpoint, this is the most important feature that is missing at the moment.


Yes. We will prioritize this. Right now we have testing functionality inside XP, but we will write a guide on how to do it properly. It will done in 6.11 release.


With 6.11 being in beta, will the guide on testing controllers be included in the release?


Hi Vegard,

These docs will not be part of the actual 6.11-release but arrive close to it, in a separate format. Right now that format is being decided on. I cannot give any more specifics yet, perhaps @srs have some more details.


Any info on when this documentation will be released?



I am in the process of writing a guide for this right now. We have cleaned up the testing framework for 6.12 and this guide is based on that code.

It is work in progress, but if you are interested you can see the progress here: https://enonic-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/com.enonic.guide/guide-testing-apps/index.html

And here’s the repository for the guide: https://github.com/enonic/guide-testing-apps