3 new releases of Enonic XP due to performance issues


Hi all!

Enonic XP 7.1.1, 7.0.3 and 6.15.8 are ready for use. These releases contain the same bugfix of a performance issue that is severe enough to facilitate a DOS attack if exploited correctly. There are also a few other bugs fixed in some of the releases.

The changelogs are available here:

Enonic XP 7.1.1 can be installed, using the recipe on our website: https://developer.enonic.com/start

We hope you will really enjoy this release. Please join the discussion below and tell us what you think.


The 6.15.8 is found @ https://repo.enonic.com/public/com/enonic/xp/distro/6.15.8/ if anyone else is trying to figure it out :wink: