4.7.6 bug with reports?

I have an issue with 4.7.6, but it’s also a bug, so I wasn’t sure where to post.

Anyway, I was trying to generate a report on Regnskog website and it got an error every time. I’ve done reports before, so it wasn’t operator error. It says: ContentByQueryQuery … “an open query cannot query more than 100 content at a time.” This happens even when the search result only produces 21 contents. Is there a bug in 4.7.6?

To reproduce, just run an advanced search for and limit to one specific content type. When the results appear, click the report button and pick a report xsl file.

Hi Michael! (@mla)

I think bugs should still be filed in the support-system. This forum is more for discussing solutions or asking other kinds of questions related to the product. If this forum becomes the success we are hoping for, it will be hard, when we are planning sprints, to look for issue here as well. :slight_smile:

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