403 Forbidden: You don't have permission to access this resource

Er det mulig å gjøre noe med feilmeldingen som kommer når man ikke har tilgang til noe? Det kommer bare en lang stacktrace og ingen mulighet til å logge ut. Må enten lukke vinduet eller tukkle med session cookien.

Burde gå an å logge ut

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To clearify for others: when logging in to the admin interface, if your users is missing the correct roles, you will meet the XP 403 page with the stacktrace Tommy mentions. There is no logout button or simple way to “get out”. You’re trapped in the 403 page (until you delete cookies or restart browser, or use another browser).

So +1 on this =)

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Are we talking admin or website here? If this is a site just add an error handler…

We’re talking about admin.