500 Internal server error - Server status admin tool

Enonic version: 6.9.4

I installed the "Server status admin tool " APP and got this error:


I get the same error now. Im pretty sure if worked right after I installed it

Can either of you tell me more about your environment? Are you both on Windows?

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@mla Found the problem,

If vhosts is enabled it does not work.


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Its the same error on Ubuntu when vhost is enabled

We are on Windows yes

I got the same problem on my Mac. It does seem to be an issue with vhosts. When I add /* to the end of the admin.source then it works.

mapping.admin.host = localhost
mapping.admin.source = /admin/*
mapping.admin.target = /admin
mapping.admin.userStore = system

I also noticed that the app name looks a bit off. “root project ‘status’” - see screenshot. The app name is just “Status” on my local development project.

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I can also confirm the strange app name.

The strange app name comes from new format of creating displayName for apps in Gradle 3 compared to Gradle 2. Using the included gradle wrapper might fix issue. If not, project needs some updated config files.

So what’s the gradle 3 way and what’s the gradle 2 way?

Hi Michael!

Gradle 2 reads the displayName of the app from gradle.properties, while Gradle 3 doesn’t so you need to set it directly in the build.gradle file. Like so:

app {
    name = project.appName // Still read from gradle.properties
    displayName = 'This shows up in XP admin'
    vendorName = 'Enonic AS'
    vendorUrl = 'https://enonic.com'