"Abstract" folder

I’m working on a project which have about 150 or so contents of type url-redirect for short urls.
My problem is that they are all on my site’s top level. e.g. www.mysite.com/shorturl
Giving me 150 items in my site’s top level in content studio.

What I want is an “abstract” folder. In other words a folder to organize my content without being given an url.

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There are many ways to do this, but It will not be as intutive as your current solution:

The simplext solution would probably be to create an app with a response-filter that processes all requests that are 404 errors on root elementd, then kick in based on content in a different location (or based on config) and do the re-direct.

Future versions of XP will also support requestFilters (for javascript) so you could pre-process the request, however that would most certainly be a source of confusion for editors.

Finally, you could also use things like apache rewrite, but then editors won’t have control.