Active Directory integration


I have two questions in regards to future plans for user / group handling in Enonic XP.

1. Is there a planned date / version for Active Directory Integration?
I am working on two projects that plan to synch users from an existing Active Directory. Since we need to estimate task related to this, we need to know if we need to implement our own application / lib, or if integration is right around the corner.

2. Users & Groups app
I know there are plans to make the Users & Groups application into a deployable admin application, and that is will be possible to configure user / group fields per-installation - in same fashion as content-types. Is it correct that this is planned for versjon 6.5, and will it include some feature to store preferences on users, like there was with UserPreferences in Enonic CMS?


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Hi there…

  1. Enonic will provide an “out-of-the-box” AD/LDAP application - hopefully available with the 6.6 release, and for sure before summer - it builds on the functionality described below.
  2. We are working on pluggablility for userstores, allowing you to add a “connector” to each userstore. We expect the first version of this to be available for 6.5. A connector will be able to provide custom authentication and front-end UI, and guard any XP path (i.e. both admin and sites). The AD/LDAP connector will build on top of this functionality.

+1 on userPreferences!

We’ve added userprefs to the backlog. We will provide a similar solution to store user preferences per app.

AD connector will be created after the pluggable authentication layer is ready. Pluggable auth did not make it to 6.5 so is now scheduled for 6.6

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