Add font and style to HtmlArea

There is probably a way to add new styles and fonts to HtmlArea

Hello @mehdi , currently you can adjust a set of tools on the editor’s toolbar and list of headings available for a formatting tool in editor, howerver styles and fonts customization is not available at least for now, but we will dicuss adding it in the next releases


thanks for your attention
Is it clear when it will be offered?
And if possible add support for Text direction (Bidi)
thanks and grateful

Hello @mehdi

We have no plan atm to add fonts to the rich text editor.
However we launch a proof of concept to implement custom styles and we will have a look at Text direction (BiDi)


For font adjustment you can use Fonts and FontStyle plugins described here. It won’t let you customise fonts, though.

Sorry about the confusion for fonts - there was a knowledge gap related to the fact that fonts were actually already a supported option for the htmlArea. :flushed:. Anyway, going forward styles (when implemented) are certainly the preferred way to handle this if you are looking for a future-proof solution.