Add response headers to enonic compoment service

Can we access enonic competent service and add response headers to that page. I talk about Component service - Enonic Developer Portal page this link service. my purpose is adding a response header to the service component page

Hello! Yes, you can do it in your component’s .js file, here is an example of possible response params: http response

Can we access all component responses in a common place like filters? I want to access POST requests get Method URLs(ex:

Try adding a filter via Site Mappings with a pattern */_/component/*

Not working. filters not affect to /_/component/main/0 paths urls

Filters are only available for component rendering, while component and image services are accessed directly, see the request pipeline here: request pipeline

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@asl Thanks for ur updates. From a security scan, it is told, need to add CSP headers to component urls ( .

Can we disable or validate access component url from web application (in production)